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The benefits of studying nursing online

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Working as a nurse is arguably one of the most essential roles you can pursue. Providing care – and sometimes even making life or death choices – takes medical knowledge as well as the practical and interpersonal skills to go above and beyond.

Swinburne Online’s Diploma of Nursing is a unique program that provides both the convenience of online study alongside the practicality of professional experience in a medical environment.

We recently spoke to Kath Horton, Lead Program Coordinator for the Diploma of Nursing, who explained a few of the benefits that come from studying Nursing online.

Online theory, practical application

Just because you’ll be learning online doesn’t mean you won’t be gaining professional experience. While you’re able to study online at your own pace, you’ll have the opportunity to implement your developing theoretical knowledge and hone your skills during your placements.

“We’re connected with some great organisations which have provided many valuable experiences for students. The feedback we’ve received from students so far has been great.”

The Diploma of Nursing launched in December 2019, only a few months before lockdowns rattled education providers across the world. Even throughout 2020’s extended COVID-19 lockdown in Victoria, the Diploma of Nursing has continued to thrive and provide students with valuable placement experiences.

“The great thing is, in 2020, a majority of our students were still able to complete their placements in a timely manner.”

Dynamic learning materials

Through Canvas, your learning management system, you have access to a range of compelling course materials and up-to-date readings to consolidate your knowledge and provide you an engaging study experience.

“There are so many resources for online students, from lecture recordings and PowerPoints, interactive activities, contemporary videos, and live tutorial sessions with Vocational Learning Advisors (VLAs).”

As an online student, you receive the best of both worlds. Most units will include both tailor-made online content as well as live lecture recordings from Swinburne University’s equivalent on-campus course.

Coursework in your pocket

Of course, when you study online you never have to worry about missing a class. With the relevant course content available across all your devices, it’s easy to access your Canvas account and sneak in a quick study session for whenever it suits you best.

“You’re not tied to on-campus hours and you can watch tutorials live or listen to them later, which makes a significant difference in students’ time management.”

By studying online, you have the flexibility to set aside the time you need to study each week, whenever those times may be.

Nursing is an intensive course, and it will take time and dedication to acquire the medical knowledge you need to become the best nurse you can possibly be. Studying online makes it easier to fit study into your life – around your work and social commitments – and meet the 20 hours of study per week recommended for each unit.

“It’s still possible to balance family, work and study as long as you put in the hours… there are plenty of students who’ve succeeded so far!”

Online connections

One of the best things about being a nurse is that you’ll always be interacting with new and different people. In your placements you’ll get some practical experience with this, but you’ll also be able to network with your peers and VLAs in your online classroom and via discussion boards. You’ll never be alone in your journey to becoming a nurse.

The Diploma of Nursing program has a comprehensive support system in place to keep you on track. For issues around fees, student loans, technical support or study habit advice, your Student Advisors are available seven days a week for assistance.

For more specific course concerns, your team of VLAs are available and more than happy to provide one-on-one advice and support regarding assessments and progressing successfully through your course. Diploma of Nursing VLAs are all registered nurses who have been in your shoes before, so they can relate directly to your experience.

“There’s an overarching positive and supportive network. Students are never alone and they receive regular communications from our team about anything they should be aware of.”

While training for your Diploma of Nursing online might sound daunting at first, your unique learning materials and support systems create an environment ripe for ease of learning. Coupled with the application of your medical experience in a professional environment, you’re getting the convenience of online flexibility as well as the professional skillset needed to excel in your career following your studies.

If you’re a current student, visit your Student Hub to access your online classroom and support services. If you aren’t studying but are interested in this course, visit our Diploma of Nursing page or speak to one of our Course Consultants on 1300 069 765.