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Chat to a Course Consultant

Our Course Consultants are skilled in helping you select the right degree. They’ll take the time to understand your needs, talk to you about course entry criteria, and make sure that your study options will help you reach your goals.


Step 2

Send through your documents

Once you select your degree, a Course Consultant will help you complete any necessary documents, and find out whether you’re eligible for other benefits such as HECS-HELP/ FEE-HELP or credit transfers for past work experience or study.


Step 3

Finalise your enrolment

Once you complete the application process over the phone you’ll be enrolled in your course. Your Course Consultant will provide the information you need to begin your course.


TAFE Nursing

For TAFE Nursing applications, please use our Diploma of Nursing application form.

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What are other students asking?

Yes, Swinburne Online accept applications from international students for our higher education courses. The process of applying to enrol is exactly the same as for domestic students. Simply fill in a request for information and submit any documentation required or speak to one of our Course Consultants on 800 4002 0400.
If you are applying to study a degree at Swinburne Online, enrolments close approximately 10 days before the start of each teaching period. Our teaching periods run three times a year, from March to June, July to October and November to February. For TAFE students, you can enrol at any time and begin your self-paced studies at a variety of start dates that suit you. For full details about start dates, visit our key dates page.
We can potentially offer students unit exemptions for our undergraduate courses, based on diploma and higher education qualifications undertaken within the last 10 years.
Previous studies don’t necessarily need to be related to the field you’re looking to pursue with us to make you eligible for exemptions. We can also award unit exemptions towards our postgraduate courses, where previously completed studies are considered academically equivalent (i.e. postgraduate level) and have been completed within the last 10 years.
TAFE students may be eligible to receive credit for previous study and work experience. If you’ve completed units or certificates at another recognised institute or training organisation, you may be able to apply for a credit transfer. Alternatively, if you have significant work experience related to your studies, you can apply to have this recognised through recognition of prior learning.