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Your Student Support

Throughout your time at Swinburne Online you’ll be supported at every step of the way. We have extended our support hours to ensure you can get the answers you need when you need them.

The support you need, when you need it

Ultimately, we’re here to make studying online as simple as possible for you. Not only do we have the right tools and support teams to promptly answer your academic questions or help you through technical problems – we have people who care about your success.

Course Consultants

Our team of dedicated Course Consultants will take you through the whole enrolment process, step by step. They’ll explain how online studying works, what paperwork you need to provide, and answer any questions you have.


Available 7 days a week, our Student Advisors ensure that you are never alone. Whether you need help with essay writing, technology support or research advice, you’ll have immediate access to a support team who are ready to assist.


When it comes to managing your time and staying motivated, Student Coaches are a great resource. They can help you set realistic goals, develop positive study habits and practise self care while you undertake your studies.


You don’t need to be sitting in a classroom to have access to some of the best university tutors on offer. Swinburne Online’s academic professionals – known as eLearning Advisors – are dedicated to making your online study experience simple and rewarding.


Our Student Mentor program has had overwhelming success in reducing the feelings of anxiety and worry experienced by new students as well as assisting them with improved motivation, study skills and grades. Our mentors are students who have already walked in your shoes.


Sometimes your fellow students can be the best support around. For every subject you study, you’ll be put in a class of students just like you. At Swinburne Online, you’re never studying alone.

All the benefits of studying on campus

Swinburne Online students have access to the same range of student services and programs as their on-campus counterparts. You can take advantage of everything Swinburne has to offer, while enjoying the flexibility of online study.


Counselling is provided by qualified practitioners who are specifically trained for online counselling. If you are struggling with a personal, emotional and mental health difficulty, whether related to your studies or your life away from Swinburne, you can access our services.

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Indigenous programs

We are committed to supporting the education and training of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals and communities. Whether facilitating and engaging tutors or identifying relevant scholarships, you’ll find a range of support options.

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Emerging leaders

The Swinburne Emerging Leaders Award program recognises the valuable skills you develop through activities undertaken alongside your studies. All awards will be detailed on your academic transcript and you can put this experience on your resume, improving your employability.

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Swinburne Abroad

Most Swinburne Online students are eligible for some type of overseas study program, in either a long-term student exchange or short-term study tour. International study is a great way to enhance the value of your degree and expand your thinking.

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Student Life

Part of the fun of studying is socialising with your classmates – even if you’re studying online. Swinburne Student Life provides a range of free services, including clubs and societies, sport and recreation, university games, as well as academic advocacy.

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At Swinburne Online, our aim is to create an environment that promotes independence and achievement. AccessAbility services provide support to help students living with a disability, and those with carer responsibilities, to manage their studies more effectively.

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