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Swinburne Emerging Leaders Award

Become a Swinburne Emerging Leader

The Swinburne Emerging Leaders Award program recognises the valuable skills you develop through activities undertaken alongside your studies. These activities help you develop valuable mentorship or leadership skills, and are an opportunity for formal recognition by the University. All certificates will be detailed on your academic transcript and you can put this experience on your resume. The certificates recognise many of the activities you are already involved in and encourage you to expand your experiences into new areas and get more involved in the community, online or off.

To enhance your employability, the certificates give you the opportunity to reflect on what you have done and create linkages between these activities and the skills employers are looking for.

There are seven certificate categories. You can apply for all the certificates through the University with the exception of the Online Campus Certificate, where you can start the approval process direct through Swinburne Online.

To be eligible to be recognised as a Swinburne Emerging Leader you need to complete the Career Development Certificate plus three of the other certificates.

Online Campus Certificate

Are you an active contributor to Connect or Canvas discussions? Do you help motivate and support fellow online students or act as leader in your online classroom? If so, you may be eligible for this certificate. Students must complete 30-40 hours working as either a ‘Mentor’ in Connect, a ‘Leader’ in Canvas or undertake an activity that benefits either Swinburne or fellow students to meet the criteria.

This certificate has been tailored specifically for online students and you can start the approval process direct through Swinburne Online.


University Certificates

The following certificate categories can be applied for direct through Swinburne University of Technology

Emerging Leaders

Career Development Certificate


Career Development Certificate


Global Citizenship Certificate


Industry Experience Certificate


Research Certificate


Sustainability Certificate


Diversity Certificate