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Graduate Certificate of Cyber Security Management

Are you ready to better understand the anatomy of cyber threats so you can protect an organisation’s most valuable data?

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6 months full-time

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Mar, Jul, Nov

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‘The flexibility to study at my own pace and my own time was perfect and allowed me to finish my degree in around three years, using every [teaching period] I could.’

Jacob, Swinburne Online graduate

38.9% ▴

ICT Security roles will only become more valued within workplaces as technology evolves, with a 38.9% increase expected by 2026.


Our business faculty has received a five-star rating for learning engagement, student support and skills development.

‘The flexibility to study at my own pace and my own time was perfect and allowed me to finish my degree in around three years, using every [teaching period] I could.’

Jacob, Swinburne Online graduate

38.9% ▴

ICT Security roles will only become more valued within workplaces as technology evolves, with a 38.9% increase expected by 2026.

Our business faculty has received a five-star rating for learning engagement, student support and skills development.


Learn from real leaders in the cybersecurity field.

Did you know that the ACSC receives, on average, a cybercrime report every seven minutes?

With the rise of high-profile cybersecurity breaches across Australia, it’s clearer than ever that organisations need talented cybersecurity leaders on the frontlines.

The Graduate Certificate of Cybersecurity Management will equip you with the ability to recognise and tackle cyber threats facing modern organistions. You will learn how to evaluate cyber risks and navigate active cybersecurity threats, paying close attention to new trends and technologies. Your course will also arm you with the management skills necessary to spearhead new cybersecurity measures across an organisation.

You won’t just learn what it takes to stop cybercrime, you’ll actually do what it takes. Your graduate certificate priortises your technical training above all else. Your units are designed by real cybersecurity experts and academics and all your assessments will mimic real-world cyber attacks.

This course is an excellent choice if you’re looking to enter the cybersecurity workforce or if you’re an existing manager/employee wanting to improve your organisation’s security.

This course is not available to international students.

  • Detect cybersecurity vulnerabilities: Learn how to effectively detect weaknesses in current cybersecurity systems and how to strengthen them to prevent attacks.
  • Effective communication across teams: An educated workforce is a safer workforce. Learn how to educate employees effectively on different cybersecurity issues that are facing organisations.
  • Cybersecurity risk management: Become adept in the ongoing process of identifying, analysing, evaluating and addressing an organisation’s cybersecurity risks.
  • Contemporary cybersecurity technologies: Learn how to think ahead. Arm yourself with knowledge of future digital and cybersecurity risks that organisations will face.
  • Cyber crisis management: Learn how to quickly respond to an active cyber crisis to limit the amount of damage and losses and create robust recovery strategies to avoid the incident again.

Learn more about our professional accreditations. Download a Course Guide.

Flexible study

What does flexible study mean for me?

Studying at Swinburne Online gives you the freedom to study how it suits you. Decide when and where it fits in with your life and tailor your study journey to your own needs. Get a world-class degree without giving up what’s important.

Flexible study at Swinburne Online

Set a study pace that work with what’s going on in your life. If you’re unsure about how much you can commit to, we can offer part-time options and the option of increasing your unit load as your progress. Interested in fast-tracking your studies? You also have the opportunity to complete up to 12 units per year.

You don’t have to put your life on hold to study. Prioritise what matters to you and fit study around family, work and personal commitments through a course that is flexibly designed for online learners.

Start when it suits. Swinburne Online offers multiple intake dates and flexible unit availability, so you can choose when you begin your studies or if you need to take a break.

Flexible study requires flexible support. As a Swinburne Online student, you’ll have support for extended hours, 7 days a week, with Student Advisors available to help with anything from tech support to research advice and dedicated online tutors in each of your units.


Your course structure

The Graduate Certificate of Cybersecurity Management consists of four units that can be completed in six months full time, or 12 months part time.

Your course units are all highly intuitive and place practical, real-world experiences at the forefront of your learning. For example, ‘Networks and Cybersecurity Frameworks’ includes multiple hands-on live labs run by industry experts, providing you with a unique opportunity to network and gain hands-on experience.

Why study a degree in cybersecurity management with Swinburne Online? Our courses are at the forefront of industry and provide you with the practical skills to success come graduation. Get a taste through the course highlight below, or view all units in this graduate certificate.

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How you'll learn

Learning designed for online

Your study journey with Swinburne Online is tailored to the digital space. You’ll study in a dynamic virtual classroom environment, interact with your peers in the custom-built social platform, and receive support at the times you need it from advisors who understand studying online.

Your online study journey

You’ll complete each of your units in Canvas, your online classroom, and be guided through coursework by an online tutor with real-world experience in your field of study. Canvas is where you’ll access classes, assignments and discussion boards with your peers.

The Student Hub is your online campus, where you’ll access the support and resources to assist you throughout your study journey. From managing your course to technical support and library resources, you’ll find it all in one easy location.

Swinburne Online will be there for you each step of the way. From enrolment through to graduation, we offer extended, flexible support in each of your units and advisors to assist with anything from technical support to referencing and assignment tips.

Entry requirements

To gain entry into this course, applicants must meet the following entry criteria:

  • A recognised bachelor degree in a related discipline; or
  • A recognised bachelor degree in any discipline PLUS a minimum of two (2) years equivalent full-time relevant professional experience*; or
  • A minimum of three (3) years equivalent full-time relevant professional experience*

*Relevant professional/managerial experience and evidence of academic capability will be determined by the School Dean (or delegate) with reference to School determined guiding principles. Applicants will be required to submit a curriculum vitae (CV) with their application. Documents substantiating relevant experience are required, clearly detailing roles and duration, as well as evidence of formal and non-formal learning. Where relevant experience is used for the basis of admission, no further recognition for prior learning/credit can be granted on that basis.

This course is not available to international students.

  • IELTS (Academic Module): Overall 6.5 with no individual band below 6.0
  • Swinburne English Language Centre: EAP 5 advanced level with overall 70% & all skills 65% or above
  • Or equivalent measures available here.


The estimated annual fee for this course is $16,350*.

Commonwealth provided loans are available to assist eligible students to pay their course fees and there are a range of university, government and privately funded scholarships and prizes.

Discover more information about HELP loans.

Course fees will be affected by a student’s unit selection and any credit awarded in recognition of previous academic experience.

This course is offered to domestic and offshore international students.

Domestic students also contribute to student services and amenities via an annual fee.

Scholarships are available for both commencing and current students. You may be eligible for Swinburne Scholarships.

Career Outcomes

Keep pace with cybersecurity trends and opportunities

After recent high-profile cybersecurity breaches there has been a renewed emphasis on creating better cyber defence strategies within our organisations.

Swinburne Online prioritses putting you ahead of the pack with a range of practical and hands-on learning, so you can take advantage of these new opportunities sooner.

The Graduate Certificate of Cybersecurity Management is specifically tailored to arm you with and adaptable and solutions-focused skill set that will propel your career into the future.

An Information Security Specialist protects an organisation’s electronic databases by analysing existing procedures and implementing changes for stronger security.

As a Cybersecurity Manager, you will oversee all cybersecurity operations across a network within an organisation. You will also oversee a team of IT professionals and coordinate plans to better protect your digital assets.

The role of an Information Communication Technology (ICT) Manager is highly technical. You will focus on developing and maintaining computer and telecommunications technology within an organisation.

Your role as a Chief Information Security Officer will focus on overseeing an organisation’s cyber security programs and ensuring you are complying with national policies, standards, regulations and legislations. You will primarily work with different executives within your organisation.

As an Information Security Policy Officer, you will plan and implement policies to better protect an organsiation’s network and data. You will need an in-depth understanding of potential risks and cybersecurity laws and ethics.

An Information Security Analyst is vital to keeping an organisation’s digital assets protected and secured. You will be responsible for identifying security flaws and taking measures to solve them. You will also most likely be on the front line if a security attack happens.


‘I enjoy the flexibility and the quality of course content and support.’


Swinburne Online graduate

What are other students asking?
For students undertaking a degree, most of your learning materials are included with a free license provided to you by Swinburne Online. However, in some cases, you will be notified via your student email that you will need to buy specific software or eTexts. For TAFE Business students, all of your learning materials will be available online and are covered by your course fees. You won’t need to purchase any further materials.
When you enrol to study a degree with us, you will nominate how many units you would like to select per teaching period, based on a recommendation from one of our Course Consultants. From here, our enrolments team will allocate you automatically to the units they feel will be best suited to your needs, so you don’t need to worry about choosing units. If you want to choose something different than what you are allocated to, that is no problem, just get in touch with our Student Advisors and they will take care of it for you.
You won’t normally have to be online at a specific time. Your course material is available for you from the beginning of each teaching period and you can work through it in the hours that suit you. There are some live webinar sessions that run approximately once a month. These are a special opportunity for students to sign in at the same time as their tutors, normally before an assessment deadline. It gives you the chance to ask any questions relating to the assignment in real time and hear other student’s questions and thoughts. We understand that students won’t always be able to make these sessions, so they can be replayed the next day.

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