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What skills do cybersecurity professionals need to fight online crime?

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We’re well within the era of technology, and one of the biggest challenges businesses now face is cyber threats. These threats continuously adapt, evolve and test our existing business safeguards. Now more than ever, cybersecurity professionals are needed to protect our businesses.  

But what kind of skills do you need as you enter this dynamic and ever-changing environment? And how does Swinburne Online help?  

Research skills 

Cybersecurity is multidimensional and difficult to predict. The first step to combating this is evaluating emerging trends and patterns.  

In the Graduate Certificate of Cybersecurity Management, you will engage in practical studies in cybersecurity management. Your units will mimic different situations you will encounter in the field and allow you the room to develop your own methods and strategies.  

Communication skills  

Your ability to communicate issues and resolutions is key to keeping businesses safe and solving crisis situations. Throughout your studies, you will experience the different workplace scenarios you may encounter and learn ways you can communicate with stakeholders to quickly find sturdy resolutions.  

Building solid communication skills means that you can spend more time fighting cybercrime and less time talking about it.  

Understand the anatomy of cyber attacks  

How do hackers think? This is the question cybersecurity professionals must ask themselves. Understanding your adversary is the first step to countering cybersecurity threats. In How to Think Like a Hacker you’ll learn about the types of attacks you’ll encounter and the motivations behind them.  

By knowing the difference between criminal attacks, financial gain attacks, state-sponsored attacks, hacktivism and mischief, you’ll be equipped with the right skills to know how to deal with each individual threat.  

Cybersecurity with Swinburne Online 

In the Graduate Certificate of Cybersecurity Management, you’ll hear from real industry professionals and study cybersecurity threats that exist now and in the future.

Are you ready for more? If you’re ready to start your career in cybersecurity, our dedicated Course Consultants are always ready to help you on your way on 1300 069 765