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Find out how to gain exciting ICT industry experience through your Swinburne Online degree

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Information technology

The recent growth in the ICT industry means that now is the perfect time to study a Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology. With Swinburne Online, you’ll gain industry experience and practical skills, to help you stand out when you graduate. You’ll learn about network technology and software technology, opening the door for you to access a wide range of career paths.  

Here’s how your Swinburne Online degree can help you gain industry experience and fast track your ICT career:  

Create ICT solutions in a professional setting  

In your final year of study, you’ll be able to take the skills you’ve learned and apply them in a project designed to boost your connection to industry. You’ll use emerging technologies in a workplace setting and learn to solve real-life problems.  Whether you’re looking to work as a web developer, an analyst, in cybersecurity, or something related, you’ll be gaining invaluable work experience to set you apart from other graduates.  

Gain in-demand technical skills 

Before jumping into the workplace, you’ll be learning crucial industry skills to help fast track your career. To keep up with new technology, Swinburne Online will teach you essential skills such as advanced programming, software development for mobile devices, database analysis, and problem solving in ICT.  

Learn to communicate your ideas 

You’re excellent at using software and creating dynamic solutions, so people need to hear your ideas! You’ll learn how to communicate and develop strategies with your team and wider networks. You’ll combine your technical skills with communication; helping you to manage key stakeholders.  This key skill will be sure to help you make a great impression with future employers. 

Create your own networks 

Not only will you develop a network of people, but you’ll learn to use emerging technology to create data networks. By combining these important skills with an industry project, you’ll be ahead of the game when it comes to finding a graduate role.   

Are you ready for more? If you’d like to find out where your Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology can take you, speak to one of our dedicated Course Consultants on 1300 069 765.