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Upskill while working with a Diploma of Business

Studying online comes with many benefits. One of which is the ability to upskill and develop your specialist knowledge without having to sacrifice time from work.

In a recent partnership with activewear brand Lululemon, Swinburne Online helped upskill 12 employees, including store managers, regional managers and training managers who were interested in pursuing a Diploma of Business to develop themselves professionally.

By completing this diploma online, Lululemon employee Madeline was able to utilise her understandings from her management role to successfully develop the skills she needed to further her career.

I wanted to obtain a certificate that would recognise the incredible skillset I have developed on the job here at Lululemon.

Online diploma, real-time career progression

By taking the opportunity offered with Swinburne Online, Madeline studied with the support of her employers to enhance both her leadership and business skillset. Having not completed formal studies in business prior to this role, she found it was essential for her career development.

Having completed the course, I was better equipped to apply for an internal promotion that required a business diploma or equivalent.

After completing her Diploma of Business, she successfully landed a promotion from Store Manager to Program Manager in the Training team at Lululemon.

Learned skills in action

Many of Madeline’s learned “on the job” skills were in alignment with what an official Diploma of Business recognises. By completing a course that aligned with her career objective and current skillset, she could refine and propel her existing skills to utilise in her work.

I gained in-depth financial and budget management skills which I used on a daily basis in my role, enabling me to plan, forecast and reforecast my business results.

The importance of self-development

The partnership between Swinburne Online and Lululemon allows employees like Madeline to continue developing, build tenure and further maintain job security at their current workplace.

Developing at my company through online study means I don’t feel the need to ‘company hop’ in order to seek growth.

Are you interested in developing your business skillset like Madeline? View our online TAFE courses today.

Photo courtesy of @bradfleet.