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Use your diploma as a pathway to your degree

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Studying a diploma at Swinburne Online will ensure you develop skills to help you gain employment or set yourself up to change direction with your career. A diploma also provides a great pathway into higher education to cement your skills further in the job market.

We look at how a diploma can help you move into a bachelor’s degree, what a bachelor’s degree can do for you and what support we offer to help you transition to an undergraduate level of study.

How it works

A bachelor’s degree will provide you with the opportunity to dive deeper into the intricacies of your chosen field, as well as develop skills in the areas of problem-solving, analysis, communication, conflict resolution and teamwork.

As a VET student looking to continue your studies into higher education, you are able to utilise the completion of your diploma to meet the entry criteria of a bachelor’s degree. In doing so, you are eligible to receive exemptions of up to eight units, effectively reducing the time and cost of completing a degree.

What a bachelor’s degree can do for you

Completing a bachelor’s degree will further develop your knowledge and skills while providing a significant boost to your career prospects, employability and starting salary.

According to Graduate Careers Australia, on average 71.8% of new bachelor degree graduates found full-time employment within 4 months of  graduating, with an average starting salary of $54,000.

Support options available

Adjusting to studying a bachelor degree can be challenging, but at Swinburne Online we ensure students are supported to develop the academic skills required to study at this level.  Support strategies range from academic skills units, to workshops, coaching appointments, assignment support, and even peer support through a very successful Student Mentor Program.

Contact a Course Consultant

Swinburne Online Course Consultants can provide you with a better understanding of what is involved in the transition from a diploma to a bachelor’s degree.

If you are looking to further your studies and would like more information about what is involved in studying a bachelor’s degree speak to a Course Consultant or visit our Undergraduate Course Page.