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Swinburne Online launches Bachelor of ICT

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In the contemporary workplace, communication skills are just as important as technical knowledge, and the most valuable employees are those who are have both. That’s why Swinburne Online offers a Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology.

What is ICT?

Information and communication technology (ICT) is a field that seeks to bridge the gap between IT teams and other stakeholders within a business. ICT professionals work on IT projects such as software development, web development, data management and computer networking, and then communicate their findings to colleagues outside of their team. The ability to translate complex technical information in a way that is meaningful to those outside of IT is what makes ICT professionals so crucial to businesses.

What will I learn?

The Bachelor of ICT is unique in that all students complete two majors: Network Technology and Software Technology. Full-time students typically take three years to complete all of their 24 units. In your Network Technology major, you will learn about the networking aspect of ICT infrastructure, and will also gain Cisco certifications, which are embedded into the course content. In your Software Technology major, you will gain an understanding of how to enhance and maintain existing applications and assist in the choice of software according to the needs of an organisation. Underwriting all of this is a focus on clear and effective stakeholder communication and project management. Check out the course page for a full list of units.

What career pathways are available?

As an ICT graduate, a range of career pathways are open to you across a number of industries. The skills you gain will qualify you to be become a project manager, multimedia developer, systems architect, business requirements analyst, technical writer, application integration specialist, user interface analyst, contract manager, data warehouse architect or help desk manager. ICT professionals are arguably the most in-demand workers in Australia in 2020, with opportunities projected to grow even further in the coming years. The average salary for someone working in IT is between $65,000 and $75,000, progressing to $90,000 for a mid-level position, and $110,000 for a management position. Swinburne Online’s Bachelor of ICT is accredited at a professional level by the Australian Computer Society (ACS), lending graduates even greater appeal for potential employers.

Can I do a shorter ICT course with Swinburne Online?

If you don’t have the capacity to complete the three-year Bachelor of ICT, there are other options available to you. In 2020 only, Swinburne Online will offer an Undergraduate Certificate in ICT (four units). This introductory course is designed for workers who want to start a career in IT, or who wish to bring technical IT skills to their current role. The focus of these introductory units is on understanding ICT and how it serves an organisation. Students will learn critical and analytical thinking, allowing them to come up with creative ICT solutions to problems that arise within businesses.

You may study up to two units at a time, and can use the course as a pathway into the Bachelor of ICT, if you would like to continue with your studies after completing your certificate. All completed units will count towards the completion of your Bachelor of ICT.

Am I eligible?

If you have a passion for all things technology and love to solve problems, the Bachelor of ICT could be the perfect course for you. To check your eligibility, see the entry requirements listed on the course page.

If you would like to talk to someone about Swinburne Online’s courses or the application process, get in touch with one of our Course Consultants on 1300 069 765 or via our web form. Or, why not apply now?

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