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Human Resource Management Diploma leads to career security

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Wanting to further her career and enhance her skills in the field of Human Resources, Lauren completed a Diploma in Human Resource Management. Since graduating, Lauren has taken a job with a new company, and finds herself earning an increased salary and enjoying a more desirable corporate culture. We spoke to her about her journey.

What was one of the highlights of your course?

I really enjoyed the employee relations module. It was very informative and being able to interact with other students made me feel less isolated during my online study.

What strategies helped you to be a successful learner?

I had a schedule in place from the start of my course, and worked out how many hours a week I needed to study in order to complete the course in eight months. Being able to track this on the Student Portal was helpful, and crucial in monitoring my success until completion.

What advice do you have for other students?

Set yourself a reasonable target you feel you can handle. That way you won’t feel as stressed out and can enjoy every part of your study.

Any other comments?

I do believe that by completing my Diploma, I have excelled my skills and in turn, secured not just a better job but a better career. Since completing my course, I have also become a professional member of AHRI and am undergoing accreditation with them.