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Find out how a degree in social science will help you improve Australian communities post-COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the fabric of our society. We’ve all been affected in different ways, which in turn has transformed Australian communities. 

A degree in social science will help you navigate this new terrain by giving you a unique insight into human nature and behaviour. So, how exactly do we prepare you?  

Investigate the human mind  

All our social science courses provide an in-depth understanding of the human mind. You’ll look at the fundamentals of psychology, the complexities of human behaviour and relationships, and how the pandemic has changed these.  

Understand our communities and cultures  

Our individual experiences come together to create the different communities and cultures around us. The pandemic has affected our communities in many ways, so there’s no blanket technique for how we help them adjust afterwards.  

Our social science courses will allow you to examine the global issues that will – and have already – resulted from the pandemic, and how we can support different communities and cultures in the future.  

Learn how we communicate online  

One of the biggest social changes post-pandemic will be our continued used of online communication. All our social science courses include the unit Learning and Communicating Online that examines current and evolving online models and reflects on our relationship with technology. 

Are you ready for more? If want to start changing lives now and in the future, check out our social science courses or contact our Course Consultants on 1300 069 765.