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Discover the key scientific and behavioural skills needed for a career in psychology


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Swinburne Online’s Bachelor of Psychological Sciences is a three year psychology sequence. It’s fully accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) – and the first step to attaining your general registration as a practicing psychologist.  

Psychologists require highly specialised skills, so before stepping out into the workforce, it’s important to back yourself with quality education. This course will not only set you on the path to becoming a psychologist, but open career pathways as soon as you graduate. Graduates will take a flexible and in-demand psychological toolkit to many potential careers across government and community work, as well as in the private sector.  

This course will equip you with essential scientific and behavioural skills such as:  

Learning to investigate and interpret groups of data, which is a key skill future employers look for.  You’ll undertake subjects designed to boost your confidence in interpreting data, so you’ll feel at ease in the workplace.  

You’ll learn to recognise behavioural changes which occur during childhood and adolescence and gain profound knowledge and develop a clear understanding of how it impacts psychological habits into adulthood. 

  • Professional Communication

All employers want excellent communicators, but in psychology, this is especially important. You’ll have the opportunity to practice talking about psychological concepts with your peers while working on an in-depth project, which will be sure to set you apart from other graduates.  

Whether it’s working in a support worker role, acting as an organisational consultant in the private sector, or conducting psychological research for a government department, the possibilities for career exploration and growth are countless.  

Upon graduation you will also have the option to attain your general registration as a psychologist by studying a Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced). 

Whether you wish to set out on the pathway to becoming a registered psychologist or gain the necessary psychological skills to assist communities or professional organisations the Bachelor of Psychological Sciences will help you explore your options.

Are you ready for more? Acquire an in-demand psychological science skill set. Speak to one of our dedicated Course Consultants on 1300 069 765 today.