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Career outcomes of a Diploma of Human Resources Management


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Whether you are large company with thousands of staff members or a small start-up company with only a handful of employees, the core of any organisation lies with its people. Any successful business will tell you that managing employees is key to running a business and maintaining success.

Human Resource Management professionals are integral in business operations and perform a number of different roles within the business. As a human resource graduate, a wide variety of roles available to you.

Read on as we talk about the career paths that you can take with a Diploma of Human Resources Management and give an insight into what they offer.

Human Resources Manager

As a Human Resources Manager, you have to be well versed with each area of human resources and have a broad range of skills including solid communication and decision-making capabilities, based on analytical skills and critical thinking.

Some of the responsibilities of a Human Resources Manager include planning and coordinating the administrations of an organisation from the recruitment and selection of new staff to the overseeing department functions.

Human Resources Officer

A Human Resources Officer’s role can be as varied or as specialised as you wish depending on which direction you choose to go. A specialised HR Officer will focus on a particular area such as employee relations or careers coaching. Alternatively, you may prefer a more generalised approach, performing a broad range of duties.

These duties typically include approving job descriptions, Occupational Health and Safety, monitoring staff performance and negotiating salaries, contracts and working conditions.

Recruitment Consultant

As a Recruitment Consultant, you are the first point of contact between a potential employee and the employer. You will be responsible for identifying, selecting and recruiting staff for vacancies within the company.

In order for a Recruitment Consultant to be successful you have to have a strong understanding of the employer’s business, their cultural structure and the needs of the business, ensuring that these criteria align with that of any potential candidate.

Workplace Relations Officer

Also known as Employee Relations Officers or Industrial Relations Officers, you would be responsible for managing the employment conditions within a business and overseeing the relations between the employees and employer.

In order to be a successful Workplace Relations Officer, you have to be efficient with conflict resolution and negotiation, as well as have excellent communication skills and an understanding of workplace regulation and legislation.


Whether you are looking to change career paths or further your career prospects, a Diploma of Human Resources Management can offer you a broad range of options within the HR industry.