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Building your career from the ground up

Build your career with human resources courses

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Construction industry

Perth local Elysha Valli has been working in Human Resources for five years, and recognised that she needed to undertake further study to keep up with the competitive nature of the industry, and formalise her knowledge with a qualification. After completing her Diploma of Human Resources Management with Swinburne Online, Elysha landed a new role as a Human Resources (HR) and Industrial Relations Officer in the construction industry in Darwin.

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I was motivated to study because I wanted to reinforce what I had learnt from my incredible mentors and colleagues over the years.

Like many employees, Elysha built her career from the ground up by commencing her working life without a qualification. She was given an opportunity to start in a junior position, and her hard work and dedication saw Elysha become an HR Assistant, and later an HR Coordinator.

Along with Elysha’s success, there have been challenges in her career.

As a young female working in the construction industry, it was initially difficult to be taken seriously in a predominantly male workforce.

To build confidence and to take the next career step, Elysha completed a Diploma of Human Resources Management.

Swinburne Online stood out because of the study format and support options.

“I chose Swinburne Online because of the University’s reputation for excellence – I wanted to complete a high-standard diploma. Online study allowed me to work at my own pace without having to compare myself to others; I could take the time I needed to process what was being taught,” says Elysha.

“My top tip for students would be to take advantage of the support options offered by Swinburne Online. At times, I struggled to manage a 12-hour workday and complete my studies. However, when I reached out for help, I was able to get the direction and assistance I needed to get back on track and stay motivated. I would not have been able to complete my diploma without the support I received from My CoachMy Trainer and the support tools in the Student Portal.”

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