Claim for Payment

Payment is for the overall supervision of the Pre-Service Teacher.

Swinburne Online's model is to pay direct to the education setting, where the expectations would then be that the school would distribute the payments to the Pre-service Teacher Coordinator and/or Mentor Teacher(s).

The education setting may request payment to be made directly to an individual. In this instance, Swinburne Online requires approval from the education setting to pay directly to an individual.

Payments are managed through the Professional Experience Placements Team at Swinburne Online.

All Payments are inclusive of superannuation and tax.


Payment options:

Payment Option 1

Swinburne Online Preferred Option

Payment Option 2

Individual Payment = 1 payment made to individual (GST not applicable)

Payment Option 3

Individual Payment (Split Role) = 2 payment made to individuals (GST not applicable)

Payment Option 4

Individual Payment (Split Role with 2 mentors) = 3 payments made to individuals (GST not applicable)

Payment Option 5

International Claim for Payment


Towards the end of the placement, the nominated primary contact will receive an email which will include a link to the Claim for Payment webform. Please note, the Claim for Payment webform will become available once the Final Assessment Report has been submitted.


Please click here for South Australia Government Schools Claim for Payment Information.