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Three ways Swinburne Online supports pre-service teachers during placement


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Kindergarten teacher with four kids holding small bells - role of early childhood educator

Every university prepares their students for teaching placements. They help students put theory into practice and prepare them for real-world teaching. But what makes Swinburne Online’s teaching placements unique? The difference is not what we do, but how we do it.  

Whether it’s through VR simulations or our dedicated approach to teaching, we always put your learning first.  

VR and simulations   

It’s scary walking into your first placement. Suddenly it’s time to put all that theory into practice, so it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Luckily, Swinburne Online’s innovative VR simulation technology helps you practise your skills before you begin your placement.  

The technology allows you to identify a particular skill that you’re interested in or struggling with and practise that until you feel more confident. It’s a great way to ease you into your placement and relieve anxiety. 

High-touch teaching model 

Swinburne Online offers a high-touch teaching model that supports you every step of the way. Before you begin a teaching placement, your OLA (Online Learning Advisor) will introduce themselves to your mentor teacher via email to ensure they feel supported. You will continue to have access to you OLA seven days a week while on placement, giving you full support throughout your time there. 

Your OLA can also arrange virtual visits for you and your mentor, so you can quickly address any concerns that arise during placement. This high-touch model ensures that you never feel alone while on placement.  

Taught by teachers for teachers  

At Swinburne Online we bring the real world to you. Our education courses are taught by teachers for teachers. All our teaching staff are experts in their field and work as current teachers or have current teaching experience. This means that everything they teach is backed up by years of experience and you’ll receive an insider’s knowledge found nowhere else.  

With the guidance of an experienced teacher, you’ll learn more than just theory. You’ll learn what it really takes to shape young lives.  

Are you ready for more? Swinburne Online offers a broad selection of teaching courses, ranging from undergraduate to postgraduate, and primary to secondary. If you need help deciding what teaching course is right for you, our Course Consultants are available on 1300 069 765