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Humans of Swinburne Online: Amberley’s Story


When your life’s go-go-go, you need an online university that can keep up. That was the case for professional go-getter Amberley. She needed an online university that empowered her to study without needing to sacrifice her exciting and fast-paced media career. 

So, she chose the flexible option to study with Swinburne Online. We had a chat to her about her experience studying for a Bachelor of Business.  

Lights, camera, and… Action! 

Creator. Writer. Producer. Presenter. MC. Amberley’s had one hell of an exciting career. She’s spent the past decade working in the media and collaborating with big brands – like the AFL, Cricket Australia, Instagram, and Google! But… there was one itch that Amberley had always wanted to scratch – taking her career to the next level. Study was the answer to help get her there.  

I have always wanted a degree. It’s just been something on my bucket list for the longest time. 

Guess which online university had just the right business and marketing course to help her reach new career heights? Swinburne Online. 

Don’t put your life on hold! Seriously. 

Amberley is one ambitious woman with an unpredictable work schedule, so she needed an online university with some serious flexibility. She had the power to structure her study schedule, rather than Swinburne Online doing that for her. It meant Amberley could pick how many units she studied, so she could study at her own pace.  

Having a university that would come along for the ride made the biggest difference. It was an absolute game-changer.

Studying online meant Amberley could pick up her work from anywhere. And we mean anywhere. She studied in Melbourne, Brisbane, Melbourne (again!), and then Perth! No matter where her career took her, Swinburne Online was with her the whole time. 

Learning that’s tailored to you. Yes, you! 

Believe it or not… Amberley used to think that she wasn’t very good at studying. But she simply hadn’t encountered an online university that took her learning needs seriously. That was until she found Swinburne Online. 

The lecturers and the tutors at Swinburne Online were really supportive.  

Throughout her nine years of trialling and studying with various universities, Swinburne Online was the one where Amberley felt backed every step of the way. The lecturers and tutors were always there to help her out with her studies. Both Amberley’s grades and confidence skyrocketed. 

Talk about confidence. 

Juggling a bustling career and studying wasn’t easy for Amberley. But she did it. She not only graduated with a Bachelor of Business but gained the confidence she needed to start her own business. Something she never thought she’d do. 

The biggest thing I got from Swinburne Online was confidence. 

Now. It’s your turn. 

You can switch up your skillset without sacrificing your work. We have a range of 100% online business degrees that can give you the tools to take the next step in your career. All you need to do is apply to study for our Bachelor of Business now.