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Future-proof your business career with Swinburne Online and gain essential skills with industry learning


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Whether you want to work in accounting, marketing or logistics, your business degree will give you the tools you need not just to make it, but to thrive in the workplace. The skills you’ll learn are transferable across fields, meaning a business degree with Swinburne Online will help you step into the workplace with confidence. 

Here are five highly sought-after skills that a business degree with Swinburne Online can give you to help future-proof your business career:   


Your business degree gives you the opportunity to work on a real-world consulting project for our industry partners. This will teach you to build connections and develop business relationships before you’ve even graduated.  

In-Demand software skills  

In today’s digital world, it’s never been more important to use up-to-date software. Your Swinburne Online business degree  can equip you with the skills to use accounting and finance programs like Xero and Xplan, or analytical platforms such as Python and Tableau, which are critically important to many companies.  

Critical thinking  

Your degree will encourage you to develop sustainable business practices and resolve industry issues in your chosen field.  The world of business is constantly changing, so you’ll learn how to make important choices in changing environments. 

Strategy development  

You’ll have the opportunity to work in groups to develop ideas for real-life client projects, helping you formulate plans and gain industry experience while you’re still studying.  


With many of your learning advisors working in the industry, as well as exposure to industry speakers, you’ll be able to communicate with real professionals and improve your skills before stepping into the workplace.  

Are you ready for more? If you want to find out more about future-proofing your business career, speak to one of our dedicated Course Consultants on 1300 069 765 or find out more on our  Business Course page.