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Don’t let barriers like time and distance keep you from following your dreams. Bachelor of Business with a Major in Marketing student Pauline studies online from her home in regional Victoria, upskilling in her career in a way that supports her lifestyle.


Pauline has always wanted her own property with her horses in the backyard, so when she settled in the town of Kyneton she was hesitant to undertake any study that would take her far away from home. The flexibility of online study allows Pauline to continue balancing her lifestyle as she wishes by studying from the comfort of her own home whenever it suits her.

Her favourite part of her degree with Swinburne Online so far has been studying with professionals from the industry (eLearning Advisors) and has found the discussion boards in all of her units fantastic.

I would rate Swinburne Online support five stars out of five

Undertaking a Business degree with a major in Marketing has also been of great use to her career. While Pauline currently works as a recruitment manager for an IT company, she has gained credibility with stakeholders in her workplace thanks to her studies and has been invaluable to clients with her market intelligence. She has even secured an unexpected promotion in her workplace due to her development.

I’m really proud of what I have achieved

If you, like Pauline, are looking to advance your career, view our different business courses today. If the flexibility of upskilling anywhere appeals to you, view our range of courses or contact a Course Consultant today on 1300 069 765.