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Top tips from our graduates

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We surveyed our most recent graduates to learn more about their experience studying with Swinburne Online. We asked them to share their top tips to help new students and anyone considering online study. If these talented graduates can do it, then you can too!

Sheridan, Bachelor of Business with a Major in Accounting

“My top tips are:

  • Make a plan, divide up roles and get started on group work early!”
  • Use Google Docs! It saves automatically, and is a great way to collaborate.
  • Track every reference as you go – copy and paste links!
  • Always watch or participate in the live learning sessions called ‘Collaborate’ sessions.”


Michael, Master of Business Administration

“Be active in the early weeks on the subject forums, often those who are also active are the ones that will work well in group assessments. Also look forward at assessments and due dates, create a calendar and schedule when work needs to be done. When forming a team, make time early to meet via Skype to discuss expectations, contributions and milestones.”

Emily, Master of Teaching (Primary)

“Be a learning sponge and absorb as much knowledge as you can from all those around you. Give everything a go and just say yes!”


Fiona, Bachelor of Business with a Major in Management

“Stick with it, never give up, life will always test your conviction. This is for yourself and your family, you will be so proud of yourself. If you’re having trouble talk to your eLearning Advisor.”


Be on your way to graduation with Swinburne Online and fit study around your life. Contact one of our Course Consultants today.