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How to tackle your MBA in bite-sized chunks

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What if we told you there was a way to try the online MBA without committing to the whole degree and you’d get a qualification regardless?

Let’s be honest, choosing to complete postgraduate study while working is a big decision. The MBA is an exciting investment in your future, but it’s still natural to feel overwhelmed before you start.

This is why we want you to have the freedom to level up your career on your own terms.

Our award-winning MBA was specifically designed for busy professionals. There’s no compulsory live classes, and the whole program was created to efficiently increase your skillset.

We wanted to stay realistic about what committing to postgraduate study is like when you’re working, so we developed a phased learning strategy. This will enable you to try bite-sized pieces of the MBA, with the option to continue or exit, depending on your career journey.

At the end of every phase, you’ll have the opportunity to graduate with a postgraduate business qualification.

Phase One: Dip your toes into the MBA by taking four core units. If you want to exit the degree here, you’ll graduate with a Graduate Certificate of Business Administration.

Phase Two: Ready to equip yourself with more business knowledge? Take another four core units and you’ll have enough credit points to earn a Graduate Diploma of Business Administration.

Phase Three: By this point, you’ve already completed all the core MBA units (congrats!). Now, take your pick from three specialist streams and take four more units to receive the prestigious master’s qualification. You can specialise in Business, Project Management, or Cybersecurity.

It’s possible to achieve all three phases in as little as 16 months. Whether you choose to complete one phase, or all three, you’ll be making an exemplary commitment to your own professional development.

There’s no need to decide how many levels of study you’d like to complete now. You can enter and exit at any time. No matter what, you’ll emerge with an internationally recognised qualification that will enhance your career for life.

If you need further help, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our Course Consultants on 1300 069 765, or contact us here.

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