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The essential skills you’ll need to boost your career in Project Management

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Project managers are in high demand, so if you’re looking to study a Graduate Diploma of Project Management, now is the time to jump on board. When you graduate from Swinburne Online, you’ll receive certification into the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM). This will ease your transition into the working world, as you’ll be identified by employers as having key technical skills and receive industry recognition.  

Why are so many employers interested in project managers? Well, that’s the exciting part: project managers have transferrable skills that apply to many fields. This means that you can choose from a diverse number of careers and find a role that is tailor-made for you.  

To get noticed by employers, you’ll gain these highly sought-after technical skills needed to help manage complex projects: 

Risk management 

Risks can’t just be avoided; they need to be anticipated. During your studies, you’ll learn the necessary skills to navigate these risks by working on real-world business issues. This will give you the ability to mitigate risks before they occur, ensuring you feel confident when stepping into the workplace.  

Strategic planning 

The challenge of being a project manager is ensuring that you’re considering the big picture without forgetting about the day-to-day. You’ll learn to develop strategies to make educated forecasts and estimates, in order to apply this knowledge to real-world scenarios. This will give you the chance to practice these skills while you’re studying, meaning you can hit the ground running when you graduate.  


It goes without saying that you’ll have to exercise leadership skills as a project manager. However, projects can be complex and require a unique perspective. Your course will prepare you for project leadership on a small and large scale by ensuring you get to tackle complex scenarios while you’re studying.  

Are you ready for more?  Find out about the dynamic roles available in project management by going to the Graduate Diploma of Project Management course page, or contact one of our dedicated Course Consultants on 1300 069 765.