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Frequently Asked Questions: Professional Experience Partnerships

By signing the agreement what am I agreeing too?

By signing the agreement your school is agreeing to consider Swinburne students for placement subject to availability. Signing the agreement does not mean you will required to take on Swinburne students for placement. It is an acknowledgement that your school will consider the possibility for a Swinburne student to complete a placement at your school subject to your school’s availability to accommodate the placement at the time.

What if I change my mind after signing the agreement?

As this agreement is for consideration of a placement only, you are not bound by the agreement. If you change your mind and do not wish to consider Swinburne students for placement you can let us know and we will remove you from our consideration list

What support do Swinburne Online pre-service teachers receive while on placement?

While on placement Swinburne Online students are part of a vibrant online campus filled with real people. Learning happens in a dynamic and supportive virtual classroom through discussion groups led by practising teachers called eLearning Advisors. Students participate in interactive learning activities, access online reading, watch instructional videos and interact with fellow students. Class sizes are kept small to support personalised needs.

What support do mentor teachers receive while mentoring Swinburne Online students?

Our eLearning Advisors build a supportive relationship with your Mentor teachers to support both mentor and student while on placement. Mentors can communicate via email, phone or through video conference with our Academic team, which includes eLearning Advisors, Unit Coordinators and the Professional Experience and Relationships Coordinator to discuss any concerns or queries mentor teachers may have.

When do placements occur?

Professional experience placements in schools occur across two teaching periods (semesters). Ready to Teach placements must be completed in a four week block of 20 consecutive days between Weeks 4 and 10 of the teaching period. All other placements can be completed a minimum of three consecutive days per week between Weeks 4 and 10 of the teaching period. Teaching Period 1 placements period occurs from the start of April to end of May and Teaching Period 2 placements period occurs from end of July to mid-September.