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How to navigate postgraduate study when it’s your first degree 


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It might sound surprising, but many of our postgraduate business students haven’t completed an undergraduate degree.

Many people begin their study journey after working for several years, to help with their career advancement. Postgraduate business courses are geared towards busy professionals and are designed to give people tools to move into leadership positions. Because of this, many professionals choose to complete the Graduate Certificate of Business Administration, as it’s a pathway to the award-winning Master of Business Administration and doesn’t require any prior study*.

Even with years of professional experience, the thought of completing a degree for the first time can be daunting.

With this in mind, we’ve designed our courses to fit in with your schedule and your needs. We hope this makes it easier to start studying, even if you haven’t had university experience.

Three things that will make your study journey smoother:

No compulsory live classes

We know that you’re a student, but you’re also many other things. You might work, be a parent, or have other commitments. With no attendance requirements, you can study when and where you choose.

7-day support

Our Student Advisors ensure that you are never alone. Whether you need help with essay writing, technology support or research advice, you’ll have immediate access to a support team who are ready to assist.

We also know some of our students are nervous about using our online platforms. Our Student Advisors can help you settle in and navigate our systems with ease.

Personalised study load

We offer flexible unit loads and part-time study options, to help if you’re not sure how much you can commit to. You’re always welcome to reach out for support, as it’s important to us that your study suits your lifestyle.

Studying is a big choice, but remember that even if it’s your first degree, we’re always on hand to support your learning. We offer the professional pathway because we know you can succeed, and we want you to study on your terms.

So, the best way to navigate postgraduate study? When you’re ready, get started!

* Please note, this article refers to postgraduate business courses. Some of our other postgraduate courses, such as our education degrees, do require prior study. Be sure to check the entry requirements and please feel free to chat with our friendly Course Consultants if you have any questions.