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Units for the course:

Bachelor of Media and Communication – Advertising

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The Bachelor of Media and Communication – Advertising consists of 24 units, and will see you undertake the following studies:

  • five core units
  • eight Advertising Major units
  • 11 elective units.

Introduction to Media Studies

Professional Communication Practice

Media Content Creation

Global Media Industries

Learning and Communicating Online

Principles of Advertising

Advertising Issues: Regulations, Ethics and Cultural Considerations

Concept Development and Copywriting

Business of Media


Advertising, Media Planning and Purchasing

Advertising Management and Campaigns Project

Professional Practice: Client and Agency Management

On successful completion of this Course students will be able to:

  • Critically execute knowledge, conceptual understanding, technical skills and expertise in the broad field of media and communication.
  • Formulate arguments that draw on and critique the differences between relevant theories and evidence as they pertain to the field of media and communication.
  • Exercise initiative and judgment in planning, problem-solving and decision-making in professional practice and/or scholarship, individually and in collaboration with others.
  • Critically apply creativity and problem-solving in relation to a range of media and communication activities and processes.
  • Recognise and reflect on social, cultural, legal and ethical issues relating to media and communication industries in local and international contexts.
  • Apply a broad understanding of an audience through interpreting and communicating ideas, problems and arguments in a range of media and communication contexts and formats, using the English language.
  • Reflect critically on their performance and/or scholarship and use this to improve their own creative and productive outcomes.
  • Apply research methodology relevant to the field of media and communication.

Course rules

To qualify for the award of Bachelor of Media and Communication students must complete 300 credit points comprising of: Introductory Studies:

  • Four (4) Core Units of Study (50cp)
  • One (1) online core unit of study (12.5cp)
  • Eight (8) units of study from one of the Media and Communication majors (100cp)
  • Eleven (11) units of study (137.5 credit points) comprising of a second major, co-major, advanced minor, minor/s, and/or electives

*Students studying through SOL complete one online core unit of study and 11 units of Other Study. Students may not complete more than 150 cps (normally 12 units) at Introductory Level.

A unit of study can only be counted once, where units are shared between majors and/or minors, students must choose an approved alternate. Students also have an opportunity to undertake a WIL Professional Placement.

Volume of Learning

The Bachelor of Media and Communication consists of a total of 300 credit points. Units normally carry 12.5 credit points (cps). A standard annual full-time load comprises eight (8) units (100cp), and a standard annual part-time load comprises four (4) units (50cp). Units normally carry 12.5 credit points. A standard annual full-time student load comprises 100 credit points, and a standard part-time load comprises 50 credit points.

 Maximum Academic Credit

The maximum level of credit that can be granted for the Bachelor of Media and Communication is 150 credit points (normally 12 units).

The full Course Information Set and Whole of Institution Set are available for reference.

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