Bachelor of Business – Accounting and Financial Planning

Core Business Units
The Bachelor of Business with a major in Accounting and Financial Planning consists of 24 units, and will see you undertake the following studies: Six foundational business units in major business study areas Two capstone units where you’ll combine the skills learnt throughout your degree and apply them to real-life scenarios to solidify your knowledge 16 accounting and financial planning major units where you’ll dive into practical, future-focused study

Learning and Communicating for Innovative Business Practice

Financial Information for Decision Making

Economic Principles

Introduction to Business Information Systems

Introduction to Management

Fundamentals of Marketing

Advanced Innovative Business Practice

Industry Consulting Project

Investment and Financial Planning Project

Financial Information Systems

Management Accounting for Planning and Control

Company Accounting


Accounting Theory


Financial Statistics

Principles of Financial Planning

Financial Management

Ethics and Client Relationships

Law of Commerce

Retirement Planning

Personal Financial Risk and Estate Planning

On successful completion of this Course students will be able to:

  • define and integrate theoretical principles applicable to a business discipline and apply those principles in a range of practices
  • systematically review and critically evaluate research from a variety of sources in order to make informed judgements on options for innovatively solving a range of problems that arise in business contexts
  • formulate creative solutions that are fit for purpose and demonstrate cognisance of the impact of business decisions on the environment, economy and society
  • coherently articulate a line of reasoning demonstrating cultural sensitivity and apply a framework to analyse and offer solutions to ethical dilemmas
  • communicate a range of business arguments by evaluating and implementing alternative communication strategies as appropriate to the audience
  • build on and continuously develop the intellectual independence to be critical and reflective learners, cognisant of new technologies
  • work collaboratively in diverse groups.

 Course Rules

The Bachelor of Business (Professional) with all majors except the 200 cp Professional Majors is a 375-credit point course. If students wish to undertake the Accounting and Financial Planning Professional Major, the course would extend to 400 credit points and therefore require a separate CRICOS code.

On Student 1, two CRICOS codes cannot be allocated to the same Course, therefore a separate code for admin purposes has been created to facilitate offers and enrolments for students who may wish to undertake this major.

Note: The course name will remain unchanged ‘-Accounting and Financial Planning’ is not part of the Course title. No accreditation doc is available as this is an admin requirement. See BA-BUSPROF Bachelor of Business (Professional) with an Accounting and Financial Planning major

The full Course Information Set and Whole of Institution Set are available for reference.

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