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How Alice used Swinburne Online’s Media Studies to transition into journalism

Swinburne Online Media Studies

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Meet Alice, who recently graduated with a Bachelor of Media and Communication degree through Swinburne Online.

Before Alice began her online study journey, she felt like she wasn’t going anywhere in her career and decided it was time for her to return to study.

It was a challenging time, but one that Alice was determined to see as an opportunity, ultimately deciding to invest her time in studying with Swinburne Online. With the flexibility to study while she continued to work, Alice was able to open numerous doors to future career opportunities.

The flexibility to redefine your career pathway

With a background in advertising and a passion for journalism, Alice discovered that Swinburne Online’s Bachelor of Media and Communication with a Major in Media Studies was a perfect fit. One that would open doors for a diverse career in a wide range of media and communication industries, and even provide a pathway into journalism.

It allowed me to do all parts of communication: social media, digital marketing, and journalism. This meant I wasn’t too confined by having just one career outlook.

A smooth transition: online study to online work

With a bachelor degree under her belt, Alice’s experience with online study has had a secondary benefit, preparing her well for working online professionally. She has managed to adapt to this well.

Swinburne Online has really prepared me for this online communication, as businesses are not always just face-to-face now.

Next steps for Alice and her career

Since completing a Bachelor of Media and Communication with Swinburne Online, Alice has secured a fantastic employment opportunity and has achieved her goal of transitioning into a new position within the journalism industry.

If someone was considering studying online, I would say do it. It is so worthwhile: you get to set your schedule, your own routine and it also opens doors for you.

The position aligns perfectly with her current and future career goals, and sees her putting all the skills she learned through Swinburne Online into practice on a daily basis.

Learn more about Alice’s journey in the video below. If you think a Bachelor of Media and Communication might be right for you, visit our course page for more information or apply online today.