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Let’s get started with online study

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So you’ve chosen a study option with flexibility – you can study at home, at a time that suits you and even earn while you learn. But what should you expect and how can you get prepared?

To help, we’ve come up with our top five tips for getting started with online study. This will help you get prepared, get organised and be ready for online learning.

1. Find your study inspiration

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? And what’s motivating you to get there? Try seeking some advice from those closest to you – they know you best. Or why not channel that Pinterest obsession and get creative. Try your hand at a mood board of your future. This can be personally, professionally and academically. Inspiration can be found anywhere, and once you’ve found it, hold on to it and use it to fuel your motivation.

2. Be ready to collaborate

Online learning has, in the past, encompassed a wealth of misconceptions. One of them being that you’re completely on your own. This is simply not true– online courses thrive with the use of collaborative activities. Helping you make genuine connections with your peer’s, collaboration will enhance your online experience tenfold. But while collaboration is key, understanding that everyone has their own priorities and personal schedule will help you navigate that dreaded group work smoothly.

3. Learn actively

Understanding how to learn actively in the online space is a skill in itself. And now that you’ve found your study inspiration, it’s time to engage your mind. Engagement strategies can help with self-motivation and assist in retaining important information efficiently. Why not try reading your notes aloud? If you’re a more visual person, try flash cards or rewriting your notes.

Also, think about when you work best. You may be more alert in the morning, so make time to study before you start your day. If you’re a night owl, factor that in – less evening Netflix and more study.

4. Project positive netiquette

Online etiquette is extremely important when studying online. Your online classroom is not a place for trolling your peers or abusive messages. It’s a space for engaging in respectful academic discussion. Try to avoid negatively skewed conversation. There’s nothing wrong with a healthy debate, but please, no nasty comments. We love to promote a positive environment for our students. Our netiquette top tip is: be kind to others.

5. Make a plan

While motivation is at a high, it’s the perfect time to make a study plan. It’s all about balancing priorities and making time for study. Plan out your days in a way that works for you. And don’t forget to treat yourself every once and a while. Take a break, go for a walk, go out with friends or just pop on your favourite movie. Relax and reset your mind ready for productive study.

So let’s hit the ground running and be ready for a successful online study experience.

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