Fees and Scholarships

Forget about large upfront fee payments. You only pay for the units as you study them, so managing your course payments is simple. Choosing to complete your course online means you receive a 30% scholarship compared to the cost of an on-campus course. There is also no need to worry about moving costs or flights– the list goes on!

The total cost of your course will depend on the number of units required to complete your qualification. If you are eligible for credit exemptions for previous study this will reduce the total cost of your degree further.


Unit cost*

Cost of full degree**

Bachelor of Business



Bachelor of Media and Communication



Bachelor of Design 



Bachelor of Social Science



Bachelor of Psychological Sciences

$2,618.00 $62,832.00

Master of Business Administration



Master of Professional Accounting



Graduate Certificate of Business Administration



Graduate Certificate of Professional Accounting




*Unit fees include 30% tuition scholarship if you're living outside of Australia. This does not apply if you are an international student studying from within Australia. 
**Total fees are indicative only and may vary depending on units chosen.

Please see our policies section for refund rules.

On-campus study

If you are interested in on-campus study options at Swinburne University of Technology in Australia, visit Swinburne University of Technology’s International student website.