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Humans of Swinburne Online: Tracey’s Story

MBA student story

Continuing on the path of education mid-career can be a daunting decision, especially for those balancing family, jobs, and personal aspirations. Tracey Mietzke, a seasoned professional in the private investment sector, turned this challenge into an incredible opportunity by pursuing her Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Swinburne Online.

Online opportunities  

Juggling family and career is no small feat, and adding a master’s degree to the mix creates a full plate. Tracey, a mother of two young adults, can attest to this. However, Swinburne Online’s flexibility became the key to her success. The ability to study whenever and wherever suited her allowed Tracey to seamlessly integrate her studies with her responsibilities, including a 9-5 job, picking up her kids from school and the general duties and responsibilities of being a parent.

The flexibility of studying online was invaluable. My experience with Swinburne Online was incredibly positive and liberating. Studying Online was a big game-changer for me.

Helping hands

Contrary to the misconception that online universities lack support, she found a wealth of assistance around every corner with Swinburne Online. The personalised support from e-Learning Advisors (eLA’s) and lecturers played a vital role in her work and her achievements. Swinburne Online’s commitment to tailoring support to each student’s specific circumstances ensures that everyone receives guidance, study advice, and feedback catering to their needs and schedule.

Despite the virtual nature of her MBA, she formed a meaningful connection with her study buddy, Mark. Their friendship, built on shared goals and aspirations, became a crucial support system throughout their studies. She emphasises, “Mark is twenty years younger than me, but we have developed such a strong friendship. More importantly, we supported each other through that journey every step of the way.”

Set for success

Her time at Swinburne Online equipped her with invaluable skills such as leadership, strategic thinking, and problem-solving. These skills not only complemented her success in the investment sector but also instilled a newfound confidence. She can now navigate workplace challenges with ease, inspiring personal and professional growth.

Completing her MBA marked a monumental personal achievement. Balancing family, career, and studies, she accomplished something that she longed to do that had first appeared unachievable. We’ve compiled a guide of tools to assist you in doing what Tracey did, here.

Finishing my MBA was not just life-changing but fulfilled a dream that I had sitting in my heart for the last twenty-five to thirty years.

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Swinburne Online provides an opportunity for individuals from diverse backgrounds to follow those dreams and pave pathways to create future opportunities. Tracey’s story highlights that despite the impact of personal situations, anything is possible. 

If her story resonates with you, explore the possibilities of the online Master of Business Administration at Swinburne Online to continue your educational and professional journey.