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Humans of Swinburne Online: Mina’s Story

As a refugee who escaped the war from Afghanistan, Mina’s on a mission to make the world a better place. And she’s doing one stellar job of it. So far, she’s a published author, philanthropist, proud mum to two kids, and a Swinburne Online alumna.  

Although she already had a busy life, Mina had always wanted to study for a Bachelor of Social Science with a major in Criminology. So, we had a chat with her to find out how it all turned out.

A wordsmith, community champion, and student 

Mina never felt like she fit in growing up and when she had her kids, she never wanted them to ever feel the same. So, she wrote two books, ‘A For Ayan’ and ‘You are Amazing and Unique in the Way You Are’ – so children of all backgrounds could learn to celebrate their differences and feel empowered. 

Being different is not something to be ashamed of. Being different is something to celebrate.

Mina’s actions only make the words she writes more powerful. Mina is also the founder and director for the ‘Skandari Foundation’ – a non-profit charity that supports the community’s most vulnerable. All this incredible work didn’t go unnoticed. She was awarded ‘Young Inspirational Woman of The Year 2021’.   

Needless to say, Mina has achieved a lot. And she’s not stopping yet! 

It was always a dream of mine to finish my bachelors.

She turned her dream into a reality, on her terms 

Mina already had one extensive toolbox of skills but Swinburne Online helped upgrade them. With an immersive course that helped Mina to develop crucial analytical skills and refine her communication style, allowed her to see the world from multiple viewpoints in the world of criminology.  

The best bit is that she didn’t even need to put her life on hold to jump into study. Mina could still write her book, volunteer, teach students, and be a mum – all while upskilling and completing her whole degree on her own schedule. The only thing she needed was a Wi-Fi connection.   

The flexibility of Swinburne Online has been great. As soon as I finished work at five, I would turn on my laptop and do readings.

It’s all about community  

If Mina had any questions or concerns, Swinburne Online’s supportive team of OLAs (Online Learning Advisors) were always there to help her out. With the simplicity of being able to contact the teaching team and support staff through email or call, Mina had everything she needed to cross the finish line.   

I felt the community at Swinburne Online was very strong, very available.

Next stop. Dream job! 

It’s no secret that Mina is a big advocate for unity, diversity, and compassion – and studying at Swinburne Online allowed her to apply all three. Now, she’s one step closer to her dream career.  

One of the greatest opportunities I received after graduating was being able to follow my career goal in investigations.

Mina was excited to seize her exciting future. One that wouldn’t have been possible without having gained real-world knowledge from Swinburne Online’s experts.            

Learning directly from seasoned experts not only helped Mina to gain theoretical knowledge but also develop practical skills to prepare her for her next role in investigations. Having the degree under her belt, empowered Mina to have the confidence to translate her values into meaningful action. 

It’s your time to shine 

You can be as successful as Mina. Swinburne Online’s courses conveniently fit your lifestyle, and their supportive team are always there to help out. It all makes for a truly rewarding experience.    

So, find your place in a Bachelor of Social Science and find out what you’re capable of.