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Humans of Swinburne Online: Genevieve’s Story

Meet Genevieve Plant, who reshaped her career narrative and elevated her career with the help of Swinburne Online. Life doesn’t always follow the script we’ve envisioned, and for Genevieve, the corporate world felt like uncharted territory despite having over a decade of experience in the field of finance.

The turning point? Swinburne Online

Seeking direction and career progression, Genevieve chose to hit the refresh button by pursuing a Bachelor of Business degree. The experience was life-changing, prompting her to finish her degree and then leap into a Master of Business Administration.

Genevieve didn’t just shine academically, she strategically juggled work, family, and studies. As a mother of two, she navigated the hectic waters of parenting while excelling in her MBA. Nearly nine years into her Swinburne Online journey, Genevieve has celebrated milestones, maintained a full-time job, and smoothly integrated studying into her bustling life.

The online course was key to be able to let me keep working full-time and lead a relatively normal life whilst obtaining my degrees. The flexibility of online learning was the reason why I kept doing it.

Flexibility is the key, and Swinburne Online provides just that. For Genevieve, studying online meant she could pick up her kids, cook dinner, and then dive into her books – a delicate balance between education and life’s demands.

Why join Swinburne Online? 

It’s a hub for ambitious individuals ready to make a significant impact on their lives. Genevieve’s motive was clear – she aimed to fine-tune her finance expertise. Now a business expert armed with analytics, risk assessment, problem-solving, and management skills, she excels in her banking career.

At Swinburne Online, the journey is supported every step of the way. With dedicated e-learning advisors, challenges become opportunities, pushing students beyond their perceived limits. Genevieve’s story showcases the diversity of study styles, proving that success is achievable for everyone.

Someone who has tapped into unleashing her full potential – brimming with confidence, elevated abilities, and sharpened workplace skills. Her academic achievements have propelled her towards strategic management, providing a competitive edge. As she puts it, “Having that degree under your belt gives you the confidence to know that I do know what I’m talking about. It empowers me to be a better leader.”

… I do attribute that to Swinburne Online and the study that’s given. … For me it’s really complimentary in terms of what I’m learning, is what I’m doing.

Excel with online

It’s never too late to acquire new skills, as Genevieve’s story illustrates. Ready to chart your course towards career enhancement? Consider a Bachelor of Business degree or Master of Business Administration at Swinburne Online. Join Genevieve and redefine your success story.

If Genevieve’s story has inspired you to enhance your business knowledge, have a look at our online Masters of Business Administration at Swinburne Online.