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Humans of Swinburne Online: Corey’s Story

Swinburne Online is a forward-thinking digital community where diverse individuals pursue their passions and ambitions in a supportive and professional space. Meet Corey, a former chef turned cyber security expert, whose journey through Swinburne Online’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program highlights the benefits of studying online, how it allows you to grow in all facets of your career, and keep your interests thriving.

Before venturing into the business world, Corey honed his skills in the kitchen as a classically trained chef. Three years of working in a Mornington Peninsula restaurant shaped his perspective and where he thought his life was headed. Corey draws parallels between cooking and business, emphasising precision and attention to detail, noting that both follow basic rules, guidelines and are process-based.

Up for a challenge

Always seeking new challenges, Corey pursued an MBA to broaden his skill set and enhance his career prospects. Surprisingly for him, a unit on cyber security captured his interest, leading him to specialise in this dynamic field. Swinburne Online’s MBA, with its diverse topics, fueled Corey’s curiosity and caused him to reconsider what his career path would be. This propelled him into the world of cyber security, while still being able to nurture his love for creating things in the kitchen.

Success at Swinburne Online demands ambition, hard work, and patience, supported by dedicated e-learning Advisors (eLA’s). Corey credits his achievement to the dedicated assistance from support staff, teachers, and e-learning Advisors. The flexibility of the online MBA empowered Corey to study at his own pace, seamlessly blending education and studying with his lifelong passion for cooking.

Corey’s Swinburne Online journey resulted in more than a master’s degree. It instilled confidence, new skills, and expanded job prospects. His career shift into cyber security is proof of the transformative impact of higher education.

Being scared of the unknown is normal, but taking that jump was probably the best thing I’ve ever done.

Balancing act

Returning to education can be intimidating, but Corey’s story showcases the possibilities that unfold when stepping out of one’s comfort zone. “[The eLAs] really make the process smooth, and they helped a ton when I needed support.” Swinburne Online empowers students like Corey, providing a platform to realise their full potential. If you want to read up on how to balance your full-time job with pursuing this course, this article explains balancing your online MBA with regular life.

One of the main reasons I succeeded was because of the support staff as well as the teachers, the eLA’s, and admin staff.

If Corey’s journey resonates with you, explore the opportunities offered by Swinburne Online’s Master of Business Administration and embark on your transformative educational adventure.