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Humans of Swinburne Online: Ally’s Story

Providing students, the opportunity to set their own pace, Swinburne Online has created a digital community of forward-thinking individuals who thrive off the flexibility of online learning. One of these students is Ally, who is currently doing her bachelor’s in business degree while embracing Van Life – the experience of living, usually permanently, in a van. Her experience as a student at Swinburne Online highlights the benefits of a flexible online study that complements almost any lifestyle and career pathway.

Starting down the road to a degree

With a longing to explore more of Australia, in 2020, Ally quit her job in property law and bought a van that would become her home. She embraced her newfound freedom with her partner Matt and travelled to places like Great Ocean Road, Mornington Peninsula and all around Australia. Ally wanted to further her education without compromising her Van Life lifestyle, so she was drawn to Swinburne Online. The university’s flexible online study course and dedication to student support proved to be precisely what Ally was looking for.

Swinburne Online did help me discover a deeper sense of purpose and passion because I’ve really been enjoying my studies and I think I chose a good mix with the course I chose.

 A new journey

With the financial backing of a Women in Finance scholarship, Ally began a Bachelor in Business with a major in Accounting and Financial Planning. Even though her degree was not what she expected, she has discovered a deep sense of purpose and passion through her studies while maintaining her freedom on the road.

Online study can be lonesome, but Ally has found support and guidance from fellow students. Discussion boards have bridged the online gap and allowed Ally to connect and collaborate with fellow students digitally. She has received supportive, positive and constructive feedback through eLearning Advisors (eLA), Swinburne Online’s content experts who help students acquire new skills or knowledge.

Ally has found immense freedom to pursue her personal and professional dreams without the restraints of in-person classes. With Matt, she continues to travel around Australia in their van while she has her sights set on finishing her degree. Once Ally completes her degree, she aims to start a business that helps small businesses run better. And potentially pursue another course at Swinburne Online in economics.

Ally was quite surprised when she first embarked on her online journey as she expected something very different. But she’s had a great experience so far and finds the support and guidance of fellow students and the eLearning Advisors (eLA) very helpful. 

[Studying through Swinburne Online] is very flexible and overall enjoyable and makes me ready for more.

The freedom to focus together

The flexibility of studying online has been an asset to both Ally and Matt. When he needs to pick up extra shifts at work, or feels like heading out on a surfing or snowboarding trip, he doesn’t have to feel like he’s leaving her behind to study. They can both go on the trip, and Ally can focus on her studies while Matt works or surfs. 

Once she has her degree, Ally has dreams of running their business or helping out other small businesses. She might even explore another degree as she has a keen interest in economics. 

Following your dreams of working while travelling as well as studying is now easier than ever. Why not follow in Ally’s footsteps with a Bachelor in Business with a major in Accounting and Financial Planning at Swinburne Online.