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How to maintain your studies during Consol Week

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We understand that life does not stop when teaching does. Nevertheless, it is important to maintain your usual dedicated time to your studies during any Consolidation Week. So get your study planner back into gear!

We have put together a few items for your to-do list during your upcoming ‘week off’. They will not only keep you in your routine, but also gear you up to be fully prepared for the remainder of the teaching period. 

Play some catch-up

If you have fallen a tad behind in your readings or activities, don’t just leave them behind you. Consol Week is the perfect time to return to those tasks that you missed the first time around. 

It is also more than worthwhile to make sure you take part in any discussions regarding your upcoming assignents. Not only will they ensure that you haven’t missed any important content, but it will also point you in the right direction when the time comes around to knuckle down. 

Revise, revise, revise!

How long ago does Week 1 feel? And how comprehensive are your notes from that time? If you have managed to stay on top of the coursework so far, the break is a perfect opportunity to go over all of the things that you have learned and help solidify them.  

If your notes aren’t as up-to-scratch as you may have hoped, you’ve got the chance to fix them up! 

Get organised

So now you’ve either caught up, revised or both! It’s time to get ahead. If you have a busy few weeks coming up with work or life, why not get cracking on some upcoming course work? 

You could even take a look at your next assignment and write out a plan for it. Trust us, your future self will thank you. 

Don’t forget ‘me-time’

It is called Consolidation for a reason. Although it is great to continue working on your studies to set yourself up well for the rest of the teaching period, self-care is also very important.  

Be sure to allocate yourself some time to relax, or do something fun during the week. You could go for a run, catch up with friends for lunch or even treat yourself to a massage.  

More than any amount of study you can do, putting yourself in the right mindset for the remainder of the teaching period will be the most worthwhile thing you can do. 


So sit down, review, reorganise and relax. And when the week is over, re-motivate. 

For any questions you may have or some more study tips, be sure to contact your Student Advisors on 1300 937 765.