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Four ways you can stand out at work when you’re ready for a promotion


The office is the perfect metaphor for the animal kingdom; the people that move up the food chain are the ones who are the best at adapting to their environment.

People who are frequently promoted tend to have excellent work habits that help them advance their career. If progressing your career is important to you, here are some habits you could adopt to help you with your own journey.

Make time to understand how best to support your manager and broader team

This might sound obvious – but bear with us. A simple mistake people make is saying ‘yes’ to everything, without considering the broader goals of the team. While this mistake is made with the best intentions, sometimes trying to help everyone hinders your team.

It’s natural to want to take on as many responsibilities as possible, especially when you’re hoping for that big promotion. However, it’s possible to fall into the trap of spending too much time on work that doesn’t help the big-picture goals of your organisation.

Chat to your manager and learn which tasks should be your highest priorities and which should be taking the most time out of your work. While you might have to adjust your schedule a little, your thoughtfulness will go a long way towards ensuring you’re seen as a valuable team player.

Embrace every professional development opportunity that comes your way

Rebrand yourself as a lifelong learner. By continuing your professional development, you can keep up with technological changes and understand advancements in your industry.

Companies place value on employees who can show demonstrated ability to learn new skills and are motivated to advance their career. Jump on every professional development opportunity, especially online degrees or certificates.

Today, it’s become commonplace for workers to take online degrees that enable them to upskill, but also keep working. These show employers that you’re not just there to climb the corporate ladder, instead, they showcase your commitment to make a positive impact in your industry.

A common qualification people take to upskill is the Bachelor of Business, with majors in:

Keep a record of your achievements

You’re a hard worker and you might be surprised at just how well your efforts pay off over time. Start a digital file where you keep notes on the work you’ve done and how your contributions positively impacted your company.

This information can be used in multiple ways, the first being a handy tool to bring to meetings with your manager. However, you can also use this process to actively reflect on what you’d like to achieve in the future.

Connect with a mentor

In the spirit of being a lifelong learner, a great thing to do is to connect with someone who’s got experience in an area you’d like to learn more about. This could be professionally, or maybe you work with someone who runs really great meetings, and you’d like to learn to do the same.

Explore what they’re doing that you could incorporate into your own work ethic. Seeking guidance is a wonderful way to create new and effective habits.

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