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How To Mind Map With

Signup and Create Your First Mind Map

Before you can start creating mind maps with, you need to sign up for an account. For most purposes, the free account option will be sufficient, although you’ll be limited to three mind maps, and you won’t be able to attach documents or images to your mind maps.

Sign up
In your web browser, go to

2.  Click Sign Up.

The page is scrolled to the bottom.

3.     In the FREE column, click Sign Up.

4.     Enter a username, your email address and choose a password, then click Create Account.

5.     On the Success page, click Continue to your account.

You are now signed in to your account, and your first mind map appears.

Your first mindmap

Once you’ve signed up and logged in to, you’ll see your first mind map.

You can start working on your mind map right away. Just click on the text in the bubble to edit it. See Build your mind map for details on how to work with your mind map.

Saving and renaming your mind map

You can save your mind map at any time by clicking Save.

When you save it, your mind map appears in the Mind Maps list on the right of the page. Its default name is New Mind Map, but you can change this by selecting it and clicking Rename. Type a new name and press Enter.

By default, your mind map will be automatically saved every two minutes, so it might appear in the Mind Maps list before you click Save.

Create additional mind maps

Your free account allows you to store up to three mind maps. You can create additional mind maps by clicking Mind map at the top of your Mind Maps list.

Note that your new mind map won’t show up in the list until you’ve saved it.

You can delete a mind map by clicking its name in the Mind Maps list, then clicking Delete.

Switch between your mind maps

If you’ve got multiple mind maps, it’s easy to switch between them. Just double-click the mind map you want to work on in the Mind Maps list, and you’re working on that mind map.