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How To Create A Mind Map With

Create your First Mind Map

On the Coggle homepage, click Create.

A new mind map appears, with a starting point labelled as New Coggle.

Name your mind map

Click in the grey area labelled New Coggle and type a new name for your mind map. This is the root of the mind map, so give it a name that describes the idea you’ll be mapping.

Add your first branch

To add the first branch to your mind map, hover over the grey item. A + sign appears at each end. Click the + on the end where you want to add your branch.

A branch appears, with a blank label at the end. Type in the empty box to name the new item at the end of your branch.

Press Enter or click elsewhere on the page to save the name you’ve entered for the new item.

Add more branches

You can add more branches in the same way, by clicking the + sign on the centre item. You can create additional branches on the same side as your first item, or on the other side of the centre item.

You can also create a new branch by holding down the Shift key and pressing Enter while you’re editing an existing item.

Add a child branch

To add a child branch to one of your existing branches, hover over any of the items at the end of the branch. Click the +that appears.

The child branch is created. In the field at the end of the new branch, enter a name for the item.

To add more children, just click the + sign again.

Insert a branch

If you’ve left out a parent for one of your branches, it’s easy to insert one. Just hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and hover over the item you want to insert a parent for. Click the down arrow that appears.

A new branch is inserted before the item. Type in the field to name it.

Edit a branch

You can change the name of a branch by clicking on its label and typing a new name.

Remove a branch

To delete a branch, hold down the Ctrl key and hover over the label you want to delete. Click the X to delete the branch. Note that if you delete a branch that has child branches attached to it, the child branches will also be deleted.

Move a branch from one parent to another

You can transplant a branch from its current parent to a different parent. Just hold down the Shift key and hover over the branch you want to move. A down arrow appears.

Click the down arrow and drag it to the new parent branch.

The branch is now attached to the new parent.

Move a branch

To move a branch’s position on your mind map, click on its label and drag it to a new location. The branch and all child branches will be moved.

You can move the whole mind map around the page by clicking and dragging the grey centre node.

Add an image

If you want to add an image to one of your branches, just drag it from the folder on your computer onto the branch you want to attach it to.

If you’re using the free version of, the image will be automatically re-sized to a maximum of 150×150 pixels. But the image that appears in your mind map will be smaller.

You can resize the image on your mind map by hovering over it until the resizing control appears in the bottom right corner. Click the resizing control and drag it to make the image in your mind map larger or smaller.

You can also view the original image that’s stored with your mind map by clicking on the image and copying the link in the description box. Paste the link into your web browser’s location bar to view the original image. Note that if you’re using the free version of, this image will have been shrunk to a maximum of 150×150 pixels.

Change the colour of a branch

To change the colour of a branch, click on the branch. A colour wheel appears.

Click the colour you want to use for the branch. The branch’s colour will change, along with the colour of any child branches.

Zoom in or out

If your mind map is too large to fit on your screen all at once, or if you want to zoom in to see more detail in a particular area, you can use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out.

Just hold down the Ctrl key and scroll upwards to zoom in, and hold down Ctrl and scroll downwards to zoom out.

See previous versions of your mind map

You can go back and view previous versions of your mind map. Just click the clock icon in the top right of the screen.

A list of your changes appears along the right hand side of your mind map. Drag the slider up and down the list to view previous versions.

To return to the most recent version, just drag the slider to the bottom, alongside the version marked (current). Click the clock icon again to hide the version history.