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How To Work With Videos

Recording Video on Your Computer’s Webcam – PC

Recording video on your computer’s webcam – PC

If your computer has a webcam (or if you have an external webcam plugged in to your computer), you can record video directly onto your computer, using Windows Movie Maker (if you’re using Windows) or iMovie (if you’re using a Mac).


You’ll need to have Windows Movie Maker installed. This usually comes with Windows, but if you don’t have it on your computer, you can download it from the Microsoft website, here.

1.     Open Windows Movie Maker.

2.     On the Home tab, click the Webcam Video button.

3.     If you’ve never used Windows Movie Maker before, the Movie Maker Optionswindow appears. If you want, you can change the microphone or webcam on the Audio and Video tab, then click OK.

If you have used Windows Movie Maker before, this window won’t appear, and you’ll see the Webcam tab instead.

4.     To start recording your video, click Record.

5.     When you’re done, click Stop. The Save Video window appears.

6.     Choose where you want to save your video. If you want, you can also change the filename.

7.     Click Save.

8.     When the Save Video window disappears, you can close Windows Movie Maker.

You’re now ready to upload your video to YouTube (see Uploading from your computer).