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How To Work With Videos

Recording Video on Your Computer Webcam

Recording video on your computer’s webcam – Mac

To record video on your Mac, you’ll need to have iMovie installed. This usually comes with your Mac, but if you don’t have it, you can download it from the Mac App Store.

1.     If you’re using an external webcam, connect the camera to your computer using a USB cable.

2.     Open iMovie from your dock, or by going to your Applications folder and double-clicking iMovie.

3.     In the toolbar at the top of the window, click Import.

4.     In the CAMERAS section of the sidebar, select your webcam from the list of cameras.

A live video from the selected camera appears in the Import window.

5.     In the Import to list, choose which event you want to save your video to. In iMovie, an event is similar to a folder containing a collection of related video clips.

If you want to create a new event for your video, choose New Event from the Import tolist, then enter a name for the event.

6.     To start recording your video, click the record button.

7.     When you’re done, click the record button again to stop recording.

8.     If you want, you can continue your recording by clicking the record button again.

9.     Once you’re finished recording videos, end your recording session by clicking Close.

10.     In the toolbar at the top of the window, click Share, then click File in the popup menu that appears.

11.     Click Next…

12.     Enter a filename for your video and choose where you want to save it, then click Save.

An activity indicator appears on the right of the toolbar.

13.   When the activity indicator disappears, you can close iMovie.

You’re now ready to upload your video to YouTube.