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How to Work with Video

How to Work with Video

There are a number of different situations where you may be required to produce and submit a video for assessment, e.g. you may need to demonstrate your ability to present in front of an audience, or some material you have produced.

There are a number of ways you can produce a video. You can use:

  • a video camera
  • video functionality on a digital camera
  • a smartphone or tablet
  • the webcam on a computer

Once your video has been produced, you will be required to upload it to YouTube in order for it to be submitted for assessment.

If you have used a camera to record your video, you will need to transfer the video to your computer before you can upload to YouTube. If you have used a mobile device, you should be able to upload your video directly to YouTube, however you may still like to transfer it to your computer in order to make edits before uploading.