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How To Use Tumblr

Get Social

Tumblr makes it easy to share content you find with your readers, and to interact with other bloggers who post content you like.

Liking a post

If you come across a post you enjoy, you can let the blogger who posted it know, by liking the post. Just click the heart icon in the bottom right of the post.

When you like a post, your username and avatar will appear in the list of ‘notes’ attached to the post, and the blogger will be notified that you like it.

Liking posts is also a good way to keep track of posts you enjoy. You can see all the posts you’ve liked by clicking Liked x posts in the right column of your dashboard.

If you’ve changed your mind and don’t want to like the post, click the heart icon again.

Reblogging a post

If you come across a post that you want to share with your own readers, you can re-blog it. This will re-post it to your own blog, along with any comments or other content you want to add.

To re-blog a post, just click the re-blog icon in the bottom right of the post.

Add any comments or other content you want, then click Reblog.

The post is shared with your readers, along with any additions you made, and will appear on your own blog. You’ll be able to see where the post was re-blogged from at the top of your post.

Sharing a post

To share a post on other social media, click the share icon and choose whether you want to share it by email, on Facebook or Twitter, or whether you want the permalink to use on other websites.

If you choose Facebook or Twitter, you’ll need to log in to these sites before you can share the post.

Replying to a post

If the blogger allows replies to their posts, you’ll see a speech bubble at the bottom of the post. Click it and type your reply.

Note that many blogs don’t allow replies, and most of the time you won’t be able to reply to blogs that you’ve been following for less than two weeks.