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How To Use Tumblr

Exploring Tumblr

Tumblr makes it easy to find interesting content and share it with your readers. You can read other people’s posts, share them with your readers, or keep a record of your favourite posts.

Find interesting things to read

There’s a few ways of finding interesting posts and blogs on Tumblr. The best way is to follow lots of interesting blogs, but you can also search for particular keywords and tags to find content on particular topics.


You can use the search bar at the top of your dashboard to search for posts containing a particular word.

As you type, Tumblr will suggest popular search terms and relevant blogs. Click to search for one of these terms or just keep typing and press Enter.

You’ll see a page containing blogs and individual posts that relate to your search.

Using hashtags

If you see a hashtag that looks interesting, there’s a quick way of seeing other posts that use the same hashtag.

Just click the hashtag, and you’ll see a page containing blogs and individual posts that use this hashtag.

Follow other people’s blogs

When you find something interesting, you might want to start following the blog that posted it. You can also find interesting blogs by clicking Find blogs in the right column of your dashboard.

When you follow a blog, you’ll see their posts on your dashboard feed.

To follow a blog, click the button at the top of the blog page, or on the blog tile that appears in search results.

To stop following a blog, go to your dashboard and click Following x blogs in the right column, then click the Unfollow button next to the blog you want to stop following.