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How To Use Tumblr

Customise the Look of Your Blog

You can change how your blog looks by choosing a theme, and then customizing it to look the way you want.

To start customising your blog, go to your dashboard and click Customize.


Enter a blog title and description

Your blog title appears at the top of your blog, and is the name that other users will see when searching for your blog. You can also add a description to give others more idea of what your blog is about.

To set the title and description, type them into the Title and Description fields in the Edit theme panel on the Customize page.

Add your avatar

Your avatar is a small picture that will appear next to your username, whenever you interact with others on Tumblr. For example, it will appear in your followers’ feeds next to any posts you make, and next to your name in the list of notes whenever you like, re-blog or respond to another post.

You might like to make your avatar a picture of yourself, or of something else entirely. You’ll need to have the image file saved on your computer before you can add it as your avatar.

Depending on the theme you choose for your blog, you might also be able to decide to show your avatar on your blog page.

1.     In the Edit theme panel on the left of the Customize page, click the pencil icon next to Avatar.

1.     Navigate through the folders on your computer and choose the image you want to use as your avatar, then click Open.

Your avatar is uploaded, and will be used throughout Tumblr.