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How To Use Tumblr

Creating Additional Blogs

Need more than one blog? You can set up secondary blogs, in addition to the primary blog you created automatically when you signed up.

Secondary blogs work a bit differently to primary blogs. Unlike a primary blog, you can make secondary blogs private, so that they’re only visible to those who know the password. You can also set up a secondary blog as a ‘group blog’, so that other users can post to it.

Secondary blogs aren’t as closely associated with your Tumblr username, so you can’t use a secondary blog to follow other blogs or like posts. However, you can use them to re-blog other people’s posts and post your own original content.

1.     To create a secondary blog, go to your dashboard and click the down arrow next to your blog’s name. From the menu, choose Create a new blog.

1.     Enter a title and the URL, or web address, where you’d like the blog to be located. Note that you can’t use a URL that has already been claimed by another user.

2.     If you want to create a private blog, enter a password. Only people who know the password will be able to read the blog.

3.     Click Create blog or Create private blog. Your new blog’s dashboard appears.

4.     If you want to allow other people to post to this blog and manage posts, click Members in the right column of your dashboard. Enter the email addresses of anyone you want to be able to post on this blog, and click Invite to this blog.

If the people you invite don’t have a Tumblr account, they’ll need to sign up before they can start posting.

Switching between your blogs

If you’ve got more than one blog, you need to be careful that you’re working with the right blog when you post or customize. To switch between blogs, click the down arrow next to your blog’s name on the top right of the dashboard, and choose a different blog from the list. You’ll then be viewing that blog, and any posts or customisations you make will apply to that blog.