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How To Upload and Share Audio With Soundcloud

Uploading Audio

If you’ve already recorded an audio track and have it saved on your computer, you can upload it to SoundCloud and share it with others.

1.     On any page in SoundCloud, click the Upload button at the top of the screen. The Upload to SoundCloud page appears.

2.     Click Choose file to upload.

3.     Navigate through the files on your computer and choose the audio file you want to upload, then click Open.

The file begins uploading.

4.     In the Basic Info tab, give your track a title, tags and a description. To add tags, just type a hash (#) and then a word that you’d use to describe the track. When you press Space, the tag will be added.

5.     If you want, click Choose new image to upload an image that will be displayed alongside your track within SoundCloud and when you embed it on other websites.

6.     If you don’t like the URL that’s automatically generated by the title you entered, click the pencil icon to edit it and make any changes you want.

7.     Choose whether you want the track to be Public or Private.

If you choose Public, other users will be able to search for your track and it will appear on your SoundCloud profile page. If you choose Private, people will only be able to find your track if they have a link to it (for example, if you shared it with them, or embedded it on another website).

8.     If you want, tick the boxes to share your track on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

9.     In the Metadata tab, you can add details that apply mainly to commercial music tracks, like a link to where the track is available for purchase, its record label, its original release date, as well as licensing details. If these details don’t apply to your track, you can leave them blank.

10.     In the Permissions tab, choose how you want to allow your track to be used:

·          Enable app playback – allow your track to be played on other websites, outside the SoundCloud website and apps. If you disable this option, you won’t be able to embed your audio track on other websites, and you’ll have to send people to your SoundCloud page.

·          Display Embed code – allow other users who visit your track’s page to see and copy the code to embed your track on other sites. This makes it easy for other people to share your track. If you want to control where your track is shared, you can disable this option.

·          Enable downloads – allow anyone to download your audio track and save it on their computer.

11.     When you’re done, click Save.

A summary of your track appears. Click Go to your track to visit the page where the track is hosted.

Your track’s page appears.