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How To Upload And Share Audio With Soundcloud

Sharing Your Audio

Once you’ve recorded or uploaded a track to SoundCloud, you can share it with others. You do this from the track’s page.

To find your track’s page, click your username at the top of any page in SoundCloud and choose Tracks from the menu.

Your Tracks page appears. Click the track you want to view.

On the track’s page, click the Share icon ( ).

In the popup, choose the tab corresponding to how you want to share your track (Share, Embed or Message).

Share a track

On the Share tab, you can share your track directly to a range of social media, by email, or by pasting a link onto any other website.

To share to social media, click the icon for the social media website you want to share to. Log in and follow the onscreen instructions to share your track to that site.

To share by email, click the email icon. Your email software will start, and a new email will be created containing a link to your track. Just add the recipients and any other messages, and send the email as usual.

To share your track elsewhere, simply copy the link. You can link directly to a particular time in your track by changing the time in the at field.

Once you’ve copied the link, you can use it to direct people to your track’s page on SoundCloud. For example, you might post it on a message board or website, or as a link in a document.

Embed a track

The Embed tab lets you embed a player into other websites, so that people can listen to your track without visiting the SoundCloud website.

Choose the size of player you prefer, and any other options, like colours. When you’re done, copy the text in the Code field and paste it onto the website where you want to embed the player.


The Message tab gives you a quick way to share your track with other SoundCloud users.

Just type their SoundCloud usernames in the To field, and customize the message. When you’re done, click Send. They’ll receive a link to your track.