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How To Create A Narrated PowerPoint Presentation

Export Your Presentation As A Video

Once you’re happy with your presentation’s audio, you should export it as a video. If you don’t, the audio might make your presentation’s file size too large to easily share.

1.     In the File menu, choose Export, then select Create a video.

2.     In the first dropdown list, select Internet & DVD. In the second dropdown list, choose Use Recorded Timings and Narrations.

3.     Click Create Video.

4.     Choose a name for the video of your presentation and where you’d like to save it.

5.     When you’re happy with the file name and location, click Save.

The video is created. You can see the status at the bottom of your presentation.

When the status bar disappears, your video has been created and saved in your chosen location.

Your video is now ready to share.