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How To Create Group Presentations With A Prezi

Rearrange the Order of Your Prezi

When you present your Prezi, or when it’s viewed by someone online, the path determines which order content is shown in, and how the viewer moves around the canvas. Each step on the path is shown in the list of thumbnails on the left of the canvas.

Each thumbnail in this list corresponds to a zoomed-in view of your Prezi. As viewers navigate through the Prezi, they will have the experience of moving around your canvas, zooming in and out to each step in the path.

Change the order of steps

To change the order that each step will be shown in, click and drag thumbnails up and down the list on the left of the canvas.

You can remove a step from the path by hovering over its thumbnail and clicking the red X that appears on the corner of the thumbnail.

Adding new steps to the path

Whenever you add a frame to your Prezi, it’s automatically included in the path. But if you want to include different views, you can also use other content as steps, like images or text, that’s not in a frame.

To add other content to your path, and to see a visual representation of how viewers will move around the canvas, click the Edit path button at the bottom of the left column.

You’ll see a blue line indicating the path the viewer will follow around your Prezi.

If you want to add your current view of the canvas as a stop on the path, click Add current view.

To add a step between two existing steps, click the + icon on the path between these two steps and drag it to the position where you want your new step to be.

To add additional steps to the end of your path, hover over the content you want to use for the step (for example, a frame, some text, or an image or video). A number appears, indicating the step number that will be used for that content if you add it to the path.

Click the content to add it to the end of the path. The thumbnail is added to the bottom of the sidebar.

When you’re finished editing the path, click Done.

Add animations

You can make your Prezi more interesting by using animations to fade in content when you focus on it. For example, you might want to make a frame or its contents fade in when you zoom in to it.

In the path sidebar on the left or in the path itself, click the star icon next to the step number. You must be in Edit path mode to add animations.

The canvas zooms in to that step. Click on the elements in the step in the order you want them to fade in. A number appears next to each element indicating its order.

If you want to remove an effect from an element, or change the order they fade in, hover over the effect number and click the red X that appears. To preview your animation, click the play button.

When you’re happy with the order that elements will fade in, click Done to return to editing your Prezi’s path.